Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to the Circus

Yesterday I found myself out with etsy user Morganette. We walked down the streets of Columbus like it was a freaking parade...except for we did it in the rain. It never fails when you are out with Morganette that it rains or some weird inner city hurricane happens. So yesterday as we are walking this yellow car starts spending towards us. They switch lanes and move a lane closer to us. I see the end before it begins a big car splash coming up. I did my classic fast speed jump to get out of the way and Morganette stood there like a classic ding dong. I was moving so fast I slammed into her and she refused to move. So I had to hunch curl behind her as the wave or water rushed towards.
When the car had fully passed I looked down at myself a few splashes here and there and then I looked at Morganette. She was ruined. I laughed...and all she could say was "I didn't know it was happening until it happened." We walked to Family Dollar which in our drunken state made everything seem like a deal. We were lucky the debit card and credit card machine system was down or me and her would have drunkenly bought up the store.
So later on we are on our way Ravari Room and we see some poor guy try and jump a curb on a bike and face plant himself into the cement. WHICH WAS AWESOME. I rolled down Morganette's car window(by this time we were in her car) and went Ooooooooh. Man that had to hurt and all he could do was look up and smile.

Welcome to the Circus:

Welcome to the circus

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