Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Great Debate

So technically today I should stop the comic and continue back to my old ways of banners and semi-crazy stories about monsters in the basement or smelly soap that magically makes your skin feel better than any soap ever did. Now the problem with this means that all those extra pages that I have lying around has to wait to be posted for the next cast members birthday which in this case would be CharlieCarter in March. Lol, thats almost two months away and I should probably feed littlepapoose's addiction to knowing whats going to happen next. If I stop now English wont be featured for two months oooooooor I can post a page a week on a given day and every time a cast members birthday rolls around make it a whole week. Now I am debating this like none other due to the fact that well I have all these pages to sit on. I guess I could make them look better or taste better with white wine but alas why?
Also I was lying in bed waking up from a well needed nap when I heard this loud "FUMPBUMPTHUMP" and then it was followed with a "Mooowosdj" moan. I live next to an old man (as many of you readers know from my whole post about him)and I assumed he had fallen down, was out for the count, was never going to get back up.
Now here is the problem with me. I don't leap up to the rescue unless I feel like someone really needs to. I am one of those "No way, run bitch run" people so I dont really save others. So I waited silent as a mouse to see if he would make anymore noise. The problem with this is if I wait too long and he has been down on the ground then there is a slight chance he wont make it and if I jump up and he is perfectly fine and wonders why a breathless black chick is at his door he might think I am crazy. So I sat there...well more like layed there and then to my surprise a good 5 mins later he was talking to himself again and carrying on. So in my brain I think he dropped the body of the woman who he holds hostage (weird dream I had)and was cursing at it for weighing down his walker.
*clears throat*
I also have like 2 parties to go to and in which my answer was "No". The odd reason behind my answer made me feel a great ball of shame. I wanted to sit on Etsy and chat with everyone. How lame am I? Lol, people who are within touching reach of me ask me to go out and I am like nope gotta talk to people I have only seen in photos. Sorry can't help ya. Lol, whoa I think I have an addiction to etsy chat with my etsy friends...
Anyway I need you guys to decide for me. Comic once a week or no comic until the next cast members birthday?


littlepapoose said...

what the heck!!!
i sit through your whole long story of wierd noises and you nieghbor only to realize at the bottom....
NO COMIC!!????

haha just kidding ya girly. and yes it does seem a bit lame to say no to actual parties just to sit and chat with me...but then i sit away from the world watching my screen to see which room your gonna pop up in ...
ok enough babbling
my vote:

every week
one a week, till ab-day comes along... yes thats the answer. the only one i can settle with. because like any addiction, cold turkey would just be too painful.

hmmm. now im wondering if someone else votes...what if they pic the later? and then its like a tie???
so i also vote
that unless you agree with my weekly vote.. dont vote at all.
yes thats right
you folks out there reading this. i said it. ;)

esque said...

I vote comic once a week!! Must read comic!

Dude, I'm a total lameo too, I'd rather sit in front of the pc and chat and send convos to you, then play the party-game (luckily, I'm married, so it's not really a problem anyway).

By the way, today's word verification is "lation". Just thought that sounded weird/cool/odd.

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, littlepapoose you wrote a two page novel in this piece. Lol, but so far you and inki are on the same page.

ClemArt Design said...

Inki my bff, lol its not lame when you have nowhere to go its called just enjoying your night in. It would be different if like 5 people asked you out and you were like "Nope, gotta Etsy!"