Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Graveyard Shift

So I have definitely been staying up till like 4am in the morning. Sometimes I try to go to sleep and find myself just making brushes. So last night I went to a concert/show at Skullys in Columbus. I got to see the Phantods which is completely awesome because I went to school with Gretchen and she is oh so talented. I would love to be a photo major with an amazing voice...instead I was a time based major with an obsession with Guitar Hero for 2 years.
So anyway I am there with part of the Dirty Flaggs (yes I roll deep in bands lol) and the lead singer is from South Africa and has this cool accent that sounds british and australian together. So he is talking to a few of the other bands there and he gets to see Gretchen and he is like "Ooooooooooh, she is kinda cute who is that?" And I am like dude thats Gretchen and so after the show Victoria introduces him to her and I can just her Gretchen's face. I am like Oh no! The accent has got her.
Oh those lucky English, British, Irish, Aussie, and apparently South African people with their accents.
So anyway, we starting dancing and it was awesome. I found myself cracking jokes with Andrew about V's dancing and it was well worth it. So now he is going to come out dancing with us. Now by the time we leave it is 3 am. I am hungry like that type of hungry that suggests you need to eat NOW.
So we go to TeeJaye's which is like down the street from my house and it was disappointing.. food was sup-par. So it is now 3:40am and V is in my house trying to print things and I am like GAH, sleep zombie. She finally leaves and it is near 4 somethingish and I am done. I pass out to have myself lovingly woken back up by V seven hours later and I am like...Who is this? Why are you texting me. Needless to say I think its time to get off this graveyard shift because waking up at 11:30 am isn't work productive and it also makes me look like a dingus when I respond to phone calls or text messages.
Also tomorrow is my day of the month to give you guys a free desktop background. So be prepared for free goodies from Clem. In other news if it cant fit your desktop remember you can send me a message or leave me a comment and I will send you a new one :)

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