Thursday, January 8, 2009 wait dont!

I've been playing Ciara's song "Explode" for most of the week and I can't stop. Well according to iTunes I've played it 193 times this week. There is something very sexual about the song..well other than the fact that it is about sex. It is more emotion inspiring then artistic inspiring. I tried to use some of my new brushes to it and I couldn't. I also think that I might be building brushes but they still arent quite where I want them yet. Anyway I fished through some of my unposted file and found one called "Smokers Heart". I opened the psd file and thought PERFECT. With the song playing the background I became even more creative with it. I used one of my new brushes which is a nice advancement and a few heart shapes and sexy it is.
I also spent most of my day talking to "CharlieCarter" on Etsy and I think she is pretty awesome. Of course in normal Clemart fashion hit on her. Lol, anyway I also met "Deecee1" and she even gave me a shout out in her blog!
I got to help her out which made me feel really good about sitting in the Etsy chat rooms with my thumb up my ass. If only there was some way to get paid for ACTUALLY helping people on Etsy. I would be all for it.
Anyway...what where was I?
Oh yeah and Isabella rocks my socks. She is very personable and friendly and I just love that. I would have deleted my "mycraft" account if it wasn't for her. Much love senorita!

Smokers Heart V-day:
smokers heart

and in the time its taken me to post this I have played the song 196

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