Saturday, January 17, 2009

Butt End Fist

So everybody knows what tomorrow is right? *looks at all of you blog readers* Its tutorial day!!!! Lol, the one day out of the month (which seems to always be sunday)in which I post a tutorial in photoshop. How ever this week I have been getting all sorts of questions about dreamweaver, flash, and as always photoshop. So I am making tomorrow an open tutorial day. Which also means I am open to requests today for anything that you guys want the tutorial to be one. I'll basically pick one out of a hat and then go from there. Since I post my blog on like 3 different sites that means hopefully I get a nice well rounded set of things people want to know about programs.
In other news I am feeling kind of like a twat for telling my ex to shove off. Today is their birthday and their horrible new girlfriend didn't do a damn thing for them. Which yes I know I should roll around in the idea of it and giggle every four minutes about how much more I rule than everyone else and how I am perfectly awesome....but I can't.
So needless to say I think I will shove out a card or something for their b-day. Which makes me feel like I put my foot in my mouth and then was all fist-ta-cuffs and being a ding dong wanger. I guess more of a "butt end fist".
ALSO!!! I have goodies for you guys today. I know when I tell stories you guys are like there is NO WAY you fooking played in a bad or took photos for them. So I am posting a few of the photos from last weeks show today :)

The Dirty Flaggs






littlepapoose said... which guy are you???
sorry i couldnt resist. anyway. i have no comment on your ideas for tutorials other than maybe how to meet up with etsy friends? ha ok..and as for your ex. well if you are still friends i say "YES" to the card idea. but if not i say 'WHAT THE HECK"? cause no way should you feel guilty tha the new girl cant be a proper partner.
ok thats it.
nuff said :)

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, oh yeah those pictures of me playing the drums is cleverly hidden :)

esque said...

Ooh, tutorial day! Yay! I want to know how to make my own website! Ha!

I say, no card, because he lost that privilege when you guys broke up. That's a me tho; I carry grudges. lol

ClemArt Design said...

And Inki why didn't I get your post! Lol, I can do a web tutorial next month if you would like.