Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sheep in Clem's Clothing

I got to Skully's last night and set up Tyler's drumkit. Except I was going to be playing it for him. I haven't played real drums in 6 years so I set it up like rock band drums. Lol, it was the only way I could remember how to hit what.My hands were shaking and I didn't know any of the bands songs they were like "You listen to our music all the time." Correction you play your music all the time and I tune it out.
I shook my head and started to play. I have never felt more shy in my life. Who was this sheep in Clem's clothing and why were they stealing our glory? (our as in...well you get it lol)So I definitely felt awkward and then when I got into they would stop a song and go on to the next one. It was only sound check but it was like GAH!So while playing I realized they need more r&b rythym. Lol, but it was a good time.
At about 10 is when Tyler finally got there to he definitely did what he's good for. There was 2 bands before them and not a one of them stayed to the end, which was sad. They made them sit through all of their whine singing and drawn out playing and not a one stayed through their set. The show was a bust. The band was falling apart because they dont practice enough and the snow gave them an empty room of folks to play to. They made 180 dollars and 150 of that had to go to the sound guy. Needless to say they lost out big but it was experience...I guess. In my real band (my rock band) I dont get less than five stars.
I on the other got to take a ton of pictures while Tyler played and now I am cleaning them up in photoshop. You never notice how bad someones acne is until you are cleaning it up. In other words I am going to stroll through the world of Etsy full speed today so look out for me :)



littlepapoose said... im not yet caught up with your blog life. but this is where i start im here.
and i feel this experience is just on of those things you chalk up to memmories!! you can never make enough ;)

ClemArt Design said...

No better way to start than from a fresh start :D

esque said...

Eh, I'm sure you did just fine!

lol @ "You never notice how bad someones acne is until you are cleaning it up".
I prefer to clean up my own acne or never step in front of a camera! Ha!