Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Old I Love You

I had some weird dreams last night. One of which I saw someone that I felt I knew but didn't know. I then told them that "I feel like I know you even though I am younger than you we have met many years before." Lol, needless to say like even in real life the person freaked on me. Its an odd feeling though. I blame mostly the fact that I have been listening to Ciara's song "Explode". If you attempt to google that it wont come up and if it does I am highly surprised. Anyway the songs gives me a very calm yet sexual exciting feeling. Like all good music should lol. It also makes me a bit nostalgic. Hmmm, "love".
I also saw the preview for Under World 3 rise of the lycans. Lord knows that series of movies is an old love of mine. I even played with my brushes today and you guys get a freebie out of me today. Its a banner called.. well "An Old I Love". Its just a test of two oy my brush sets. I am still working on them but I am getting better. I might redo this banner completely in the coming month so take this as an Unknown Limited Edition. I wont know how many people download it but I will know that it wont exist past this blog because it is about to be revamped because I love the name. *thinks quietly in my head* I love you....

An Old I Love You:

an old i love you

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