Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grog Soup

I believe that I went to bed at 1amish or was it 2amish...hmmm. The odds of me waking up at a decent time though was slim. *guzzles some hot tea and then remembers that its hot* Mmmm....owwwwwww. Yet for some reason I am all sorts of groggy and clumpy eyed. Lol, clumpy eyed. Anyway I went out to the party last night and it was a total bust so being the good Ol Clem that I am I hopped to a new party which we then couldn't find parking for and went home. *le sigh*
In other more business like news radrb8vicki 's brochure for her paperbead making tool is done and as soon as it goes into printing and she gets them in her hands I will post a bit of it here so you guys can get all proud of me and swoon. The kind of swooning I do when I see littlepapoose in a chat room and rush in to join her.
Also in other business news I am going to the RokCity Studios Showcase on Friday for free so I am going to be all up in those bands grills interviewing them which should be awesome.
If you have been on my page recently you have seen the newest addition...well two new additions to my profile which I haven't featured in my blog due to the comic so here is the first one which is a new Valentine's Day banner for the world of Etsy.



esque said...

Waking up at a decent time? What's that, like 11 am, cuz that's when I wake up. lol

I wish you'd swoon over me. :(


ClemArt Design said...

A decent time is 9am to me. Lol, and I don't have to swoon over you I just get excited enough to have a mild heart attack and stalk you into featured seller rooms :P