Friday, January 23, 2009

Blood Splattered Tears (comic continued mature auidience)

About a year ago I downloaded "The Cinematics" cd and I was not really feeling it. I liked about two songs and I played those on very rare occasions. I clicked on one of the songs today by a random action of clicking I like to do and I landed on the song "Maybe Someday". In the song he says "No blood splattered tears." How impossible is that I thought...
I slept in today and when I did get up I printed out inkihandmades postcard for shipping. So if you are reading inki you will be getting the card either monday or tuesday depends on when mail pick up is. Anyway, I went grocery shopping and got raped by the prices. Fooking 66 dollars in food. OUCH. Man, and my back hurts from trucking the groceries the clem fashion way.
Anyway todays blog title is very fitting for the comic.As we all know this was building up to some action which in turn took a very odd turn when I was writing this. I draw scene by scene and sometimes I will forget to draw a scene. The reason for that is because I am literally writing while i am drawing. I knew that I wanted there to be a big bar fight and for everyone to join in and to introduce "Captain Jack Mehoeff" aka Faeriedtreasures but it kind of got out of hand. Yesterdays pages with the guy throwing up becomes very important to introduce Englishmanips character lol. So I mean I had a lot of things to build to without many drawings or time. Especially since I wanted to establish that "Asshole Anders" is the bad guy.
Now I know littlepapoose is the sweetest apple on the planet so the action and violence thing isnt well...her thing. Lol, so i do apologize in advance for todays and tomorrows ultra violence filled pages. So for that I am limiting the next couple of pages only to blogger
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Mike said...

ooooo, its getting good!!!

esque said...

Wow, action-filled indeed! I smell a prequel of how Anders' eye got popped out! Swell!


littlepapoose said...

hehehehe !!
*blows smoke from gun*

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, ty Mike

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, a prequel? *rubs chin mysteriously*

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, yeah littlepapoose. Work that steam seeing as you are "hot" already ;)