Friday, January 30, 2009

The Feature

I woke up this morning (at like 9:30am) and did my normal checking of emails. So as I sit here a little after 11:18am I go through my blogs. I am seeing a ton of featured people in today's blogs and I am wondering if I missed the the posting to everyone to feature some or something in their blog.I am one of those "I enjoy the stroke of my ego" people so upon looking back through my blog I guess I technically only feature myself.
I thought on the matter of the feature and I would play favorites too much. I mean I already do a comic with a .5% of Etsy as the cast mates what about the other 99.5% who will never be in it?
So today instead of featuring the crazy awesomeness of myself or my etsy friends I am instead going to do something amazing. I've seen people do features on monkeys, sweets, soaps and hand bags but nothing like this. Nothing like a Clem feature. This is going to be a fookn Clem makeover banzai. Its going to be like Home Make Over meets Top Design meets Jizz in my pants. So I hope you are ready for this. Cause here it comes!
Lol, okay I lied but I got you pumped up didn't I? It is an nice idea though. ClemArt Design Makeover Banzai. Lol, I couldn't do it at random or I could but then I would be that person who was a "dick" for telling someone their shop graphic items sucked. Either way one day I will feature someone even if its that guy who makes exploding frog soap.....

I was rummaging around online and found these awesome comics from like 5 years ago. Lol, so I am going to post them

(click the smaller comic to make it bigger )


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