Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tales From Etsy Land "Chatters Island" pt 2

I was sooooo pumped up I decided to post these guys as close to the real morning as possible. Which to me is actually 7am. I am really excited about these pages and the ones that come after them. I already have everything written in my head and right now its all about putting it on paper. I hope to be able to at least get to "The Vulva Tavern" by Thursday or Friday that way I can introduce "Big Booty Carter" and "Hemorrhoid Ass Ander Captain of The Rusty Trambone" but until then we have some chit chat between Captain Penis and Lady Poosy that must be had of course.
Also you will notice a new addition to page. I added a Captain Penis Pants Twitter follow button. So hopefully I get all the characters in order and make everyone their own Twitter button of their character. So without further adu here are pages 2 and 3 of the story. If you cant read it click here

poosy two

poosy three


esque said...

"They could use it as a glory hole" -- LMAO!

I love Lady Poosy - she looks so elegant and pretty!

Keep it coming!


littlepapoose said...

haha glory hole!!
nice one.
and did you see the guns on me??!! whoa!! crazy talk i tell you ;)
although i must say ive never looked so tall before! hopefully that handsome penis pants will still tower over me .. hehe
cant wait to see what happens...
im hooked !!

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, Inki! I think so too but just wait until we get to the Vulva Tavern!

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, yeah in the next couple of pages I am taller than you all the way. I just thought it would be cool to make you as bad ass as possible!