Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Thrill

While on the chat today I heard the most amazing thing from Holistically Heather. She hopped trains for fun. Oh my fookn head. I thought how amazing is that and then I asked her if she robbed then and she said no. Lol, so she had a little in column a but nothing in column b. Anyway I can't imagine the thing that will actually be my thrill. The one thing that when I do it I am completely alive. Me and SecretMe were talking about this the other day. I don't have a thrill but hers is driving her car Rally style. There are things I love to do but nothing that I would consider a thrill. No climbing mountains with a monkey on my back playing the drums, no diving into the raging ocean wearing nothing but a t-shirt and skibees, and no diving off of sheer cliffs with waterfalls.
What thrills people? What is the one thing that they have found that will stay with them forever. I can't even stay in a relationship longer than 3 months so I obivously havent found my thrill yet. SecretMe said probably when we have kids and I said nah. That wont be the end all to end all in anyway. What is the great thrill...

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