Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two ways to do dumb things

I woke up for the second day in a row at 4:41am. So today instead of trying to force myself back to sleep I got up and got on Etsy. Now due to the fact I was very tired and all misty eyed I thought lets get on chat. I think I may have done a dumb thing. Lol, the first thing I did was I got all in poor Cherub's or is it Cherib's face. I was soooo happy to see someone from aussie sitting there all happy like chit chatting at what is clearly 10pm for them. I was so over come with joy I couldn't stop asking her questions. I am pretty sure it got to the point in which I wouldnt shut up...poor girl.
The second dumb thing I did was try and have a "Canada is so fucking AWESOME" conversation with Chromasmear. The problem was that she didn't seem to think that "Canada is so fucking AWESOME" because she lived there. I said well "Your schooling and health care is better than ours." And I can't tell if she was upset or annoyed but I kind of think she was annoyed when she said "No, I pay $556 dollars a month for health care." Now that I think about it doesn't make your health care worse but then again I was running on 4 hours of sleep. "More parents are home schooling their kids for fear of violence." And at this point there are two things running through my brain either:

a. I hit the shut the fook up you stupid american button
b.I hit the I'm pissed off with canada button.

In all truth Canada reguardless of who is teaching Canada still has better schooling than America. Studies have shown American education to be 34th on the list of "awesome schooling" and Canada number 3 on the list. Which basically means America is getting dumber and everyone else is getting smarter. Canada is even almost par with our currency. They sadly though dropped down to 70 cents to the dollar again. Canada is cleaner and has a more healthy environment and they also have one of the most striking arts colleges this side of the whoot knocker.
I think if I had been a little bit awake I could have said this but alas 4 hours of sleep. So in other words I am pretty sure ChromaSmear no longer likes me...hmmm I guess thats two ways to do dumb things.

Its All About The Green:
Its all about the green

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ChromaSmear said...

I never said I didnt like you nor did I say I didnt like the country I live in. what I ment was americans seem to think things are free or better over here when we have our own issues to copy with too.

The grass always seems greener on the other side till you find out the dog shits over there too.