Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Etsy equal bad mistress

So I found myself up till 4am last night...well actually 5am. Lol, but its nice to pad things with fictional evidence. Anyway I was sitting on Etsy. I couldn't got to sleep so I made myself a set of photoshop brushes because I don't want to use other peoples anymore. I am highly creative and I don't need a lawsuit because I was too lazy to hit "edit, define brush preset". Its just most of this week I just can't sleep and I dont know why. So I make brush sets and stalk Etsy. The problem with Etsy is that she is a bit flawed. If you are tired she makes navigation even worse and her chat features become something of a magical experience. She wont apologize for her mistakes if she kicks you out or crashes on you. She will tell you its your internet or your computer and she isn't a very nice lover. Lol, even her friends are lazy and refuse to do anything if there is a problem. BUT! You have to give it to her, she is heavily addicting and loves to take your money. She is like a really bad mistress. Except she is the kind that will put out every once in a while but thats only after you have already spent a ton of money on her. Lmao, so this is for you my bad mistress:


Also I disabled the etsy ad on my etsy mini! If you would like the etsy ads and sayings off of your just let me know!


kelsey_f said...

haha, Etsy is sooooo addicting. but I love it! haha. :)

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, it is very addicting and I think thats the problem. I mean sure I am admitting to my addiction but it does nothing for me lol

kim* said...

very cool to make your own brush :)

ClemArt Design said...

Thank-you very much. I just don't want to be lazy ya know. And what would make me designs different from anyone else who could work a brush set online? Its the best thing to do :)